Halloween…when you are over 30.

Champagne, Spankz and Bacon. Things everyone woman over 30 should have a love/hate relationship with. And being over 30-ish…we should dress our age, especially for Halloween. Jesus take the wheel, and the spandex. Leave the dirty nurse costume for the 22 yr old, or the bedroom.

Halloween in our sprawling metro boasts a few Gala’s like the one below, where the BFF and I created our best “Gothic Night on the Bayou Attire”. It only took 3 days, several bottle of Champagne, a pack of bacon (protein damnit), feathers, feathers, hot glue & burnt fingers and 6 hours of make up. Ok…the 6 hours of make up included a bottle and a half of Champagne, cheese & crackers and playing Tay-Tay’s ‘Look what you made me do’ on repeat.


See, you can still be sexy/creepy and not dress like a skank. I’m pretty sure I had a great evening, things were a little hazy through the white out contacts….but it sure was worth it.








22853336_10159582225930002_5669121873713334320_nWe even made little Voo Doo dolls. One friend took 4 home with her…not naming any names…but I’m sure she is using them for Halloween décor and not for any ritualistic purposes. I mean we are in Louisiana, Ha. 






FullSizeRender (009)

Our contacts and clip in weave both got taken out in the car ride home. Beauty can only suffer for so long! Our poor DD teen driver, she had no idea what was in store for her.

I got this text from her mom the next day, apparently I left a piece of grey weave on the floorboard…..we are still searching for the gloves. Good Times, Good Times.

Moral of the story, drink champagne, don’t dress like a skank & don’t leave your weave. I should put that on a T-shirt.

Hope everyone had a safe Halloween.





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