Oh, Stella…Where Art Thou Groove?

The #NewWoman rat race…work, kids, family, volunteering,…..trying to be a SUPERMOM, Superwoman, SuperWife, SuperEVERYTHING. super-mom1Stay at Home moms secretly feel guilty that they don’t ”contribute” to the household. Working moms feel guilty that they are missing milestone moments. Now add the social media pressure to have the perfect post, the most likes, comments. #whatSnapFilterCanIuseToday? We are all in a ridiculous, vicious, self inflicted circle of trying to be the perfect Pinterest mom. In the rush and mix, we neglect our most precious cargo…family. Especially the hubby. The longer you are married/committed to someone, it seems the fewer and farther in-between the date nights become. We stop courting each other. ūüė¶ Well, this Stella decided it was time for a little overnight get-a-away with the hubby, just getting our groove back.

We are in the Central part of the State of Louisiana, and we LOVE FOOD so, decided to head SW and grab lunch, then check into the hotel/casino…blackjack, dinner, etc.

Our first stop was at Luna Bar & Grill in Lake Charles and I WISH I loved Bloody Mary’s…because the hubby’s drink looked amazing.¬†luna2

My first choice was a mimosa, but HALT, the bubbly was no bueno, so momma got a Tito’s instead. I can be a bit of a “champs snob”.¬† I’m not a snob to the price but I am to the taste, like everyone should be! Duh. Life is to short to drink nasty champs.

So, back to lunch, it was yummy. The hubby, of course,  had to be reminded to disconnect from the I-devices. But he looked so cute in his readers. #Over30-ishEyes #heisgoingtokillme  #ClarkKent luna3Disclaimer: I have to admit, I am a slave to my iPhone, Ipad, Laptop too. #guilty

Onto the Hotel…check in and head to the casino floor, because when in Rome? Right? No. We should have stayed in Paris…forget Rome.¬† We should have also just gone to the ATM and handed our cash over to the pit boss. Would have saved me several hours of standing, loosing at the craps table, annoying person to my right, who was all hopped up on Red Bull. It was his birthday, and he had the flashing casino birthday beads & special casino birthday chips, letting the world know.¬† (insert eye roll) THIS is why I get botox…to hide my facial expressions. #ImStillEyeRolling¬† #youAreSlowingDowntheTable #IreallyDontEvenKnowHowToPlayCraps #nextTimeimGoingShopping

Up to the room we go, and a lovely view of the oil refinery’s, lake, the “beach” and boardwalk.¬† Look, I really like this hotel/casino, but the people that were putting themselves in this lake water, less than 1 mile from about 45 refinery’s…OMG, you must not be from around here darlin’.¬† At least the water allowed for a cool reflection of my shirt.


Speaking of shirt, I am IN LOVE with dusters right now. It’s like playing dress up as an adult! And it looks totally cool when you walk. Like a fashionable Darth Vader, but nicer. Sometimes. This tie-dyed duster from The The Dixie Gypsies Boutique is super fun. Do you have short people problems like me? Knot it up! I put it over a Champagne tank from¬†MoeChamps.com and loved it. Also, super comfy to travel in-wore it all day. Would also make a good Game Day outfit! #geauxtigers


Now for dinner, three outfit changes and I fell back to old faithful; a cute off the shoulder black flowy top and black snake skin print leggings, with open toe black suede booties. As for dinner; I’m not even going to go into where we ate…the food was pretty bad. Which is why I forgot to take pics of how dang cute we looked, ha. #badblogger¬† I will say that the service was excellent, lobster bisque was great and the bottle of champagne was amaz-balls. I should have at least taken a photo of the bottle!¬† The hubby and I LOVE to people watch and this place did not disappoint. Two ‘silverbacks’ at the end of the restaurant bar got the attention of every 20 something that clanked her way in with her knock off Milano Blahnik’s.¬† Once we got seated, which was a very romantic, comfy corner booth…it was hard to not overhear the table of 6 about 12 feet away.¬† OKAY, I will be the first to admit I am NOT perfect…and have at times gossiped, but I try my hardest not to be a hypocrite. What you see is what you get. Love it or hate it…KP 24/7. (Which is why my hubby needed this overnight trip, lol)

I digress, back to the table. Cliff notes: three couples, one lady wearing a “thankful, grateful, blessed” tee shirt.¬† The ladies just recently retuned from a religious weekend retreat. Let’s just say I am glad I wasn’t the one on the receiving end of their bashing.¬† FYI-putting “bless her heart” at the end of your crappy statement, or saying it in a sweet voice…still not nice.¬†I think they should ask for their money back…their retreat did not work.¬† #jesustakethewheel ¬† #Checkplease!


All in all, a good day & night and this sweet puppy face was waiting for us when we got home. He does NOT like it when mommy leaves. If I could read his mind, he would be grounded. #puppycursewords #theStare

Find your groove, ‘court’ your spouse, don’t let social media, or anyone else, dictate your HAPPY. Remember, the grass is not greener on the other side of the fence, it’s greener where you water it.













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