A Unique Gift Guide for the Holidays, Under $100

It’s December 4th and if Christmas is sneaking up on you, like it is on me, then you haven’t even made the slightest dent in your holiday shopping list. Or maybe you still have a few people that you just DREAD shopping for. You know…’those’ people. The ones you can never find anything for…or will make ‘that face’ when they open your gift! Teens, Men, In-laws…..Lions, Tigers and Bears…OH MY! As for navigating a shopping mall between Halloween and New Years?… I’d rather be left champagne-less eating shards of glass. I am ALL about shopping at a SMALL business (in person or online) and/or shopping local. When that can’t happen, I will Amazon Prime it. I really try to stay away from the big box stores. Because, when you shop small…an actual person does a little happy dance! (links to a few small shops later in this blog)  I really do call one of the big box stores ‘Satan’s playgound’. I will not wade into the depths of that shallow gene pool alone. My ‘phone a friend’ option gets used and I call for back up. Why? Mainly because I have an issue hiding the expressions on my face and one day it is going to get me in trouble #whyIgetBotox. Also, when I see shiny things I get sidetracked. ***Oh, look! A squirrel*** I can go in for a box of waffles and leave with two shopping buggies full of crap I don’t need, a bouncy house, second wine fridge, and a 12 lb. bin of assorted popcorn.

Most of us spend hours shopping, researching, worrying, etc. So here is my list of unique finds, each under $100 and a lot of these ideas originate from SMALL Business owners! Happy Dance!  CLICK ON THE HIGHLIGHTED/colored WORDING in the descriptions around each photo, and it will take you right to the product page for each. 🙂 

First, lets talk about the kiddos. They want fun stuff and we want educational….I found both…Win, Win.

National Geographic dinosaurs with Virtual Reality mode

National Geographic has four ng-dinosaurs.jpgdifferent dinosaurs available with a virtual reality mode that uses X-ray vision to view its bone structure, learn fun facts and take photos. Choose from T-Rex, Triceratops, Velociraptor or Spinosaurus. $24.99 for the T-Rex, Triceratops or Spinosaurus, and $14.99 for the Velociraptor. Super COOL!!


Awesome Women Who Changed History: Paper Dollsawesome-women-who-changed-history

A GREAT Stocking STUFFER for little girls and a great way to encourage children to pursue STEM fun is with Awesome Women Who Changed History: Paper Dolls. This empowering paper doll collection includes famous women from history and modern times, such as Sally Ride, Harriet Tubman and Jane Goodall. $12.99


Structures, buildings and bridges discovery kit

Have someone that likes to build, but you are kind of over legos…and so are they??

bridge-setThis STEM construction kit introduces mechanical engineering to kids with complex bridge and building concepts easy to understand. $33.98    AND****Through Dec. 11, 2017, Bayer is donating the full value of each STEM toy sold on Hearthsong to Toys for Tots. Here is the full list of STEM toys eligible for this donation.

Soft Circuits Kit.

THIS IS SUPER COOL…LED stuff you MAKE! ChickTech’s Soft Circuits Kit is a fun chicktechcombination of electronics, software, and art. Using the materials in the kit, kids will learn the basics of electronic circuits and coding with Arduino and create a LED bracelet and a unique and interactive tote bag. $99


Have a ‘Little’ that you can’t break from the Ipad??? Want some NON-GUILTY Screen time?

Marbotic’s learning systemgirl-play-smart-letters

Marbotic’s learning system blends classic wooden blocks with iPad apps to teach reading, counting and basic math. Set-up is simple; place the wooden blocks shaped like letters and numbers on an iPad, which will receive them like a sheet of paper. Kids can then use those blocks to play a variety of games, complete puzzles, or form words on their own in free-play mode. For children ages 3-6. $89.99

Garden Plate & Utensils

I’m giving a disclaimer on this one…I would have LOVED to have this plate when my little one was being a picky eater. sub-buzz-13344-1510602621-9wwBUT, be careful giving this as you don’t want to offend the mom getting it and possibly give her the impression that she does not know how to feed her child. That being said, this is adorable and any kiddo would love pushing the tiny hoe of food onto the shovel! Heck, I totally hate when MY food touches other food on the plate, I may get this for me!  Dining set and bounty of utensils. $14.95 – 17.50



Now, Let’s Talk Teen-Land…where nothing is cool, we don’t understand them, they would rather be anywhere but where they are…*eye roll*. But alas! Here are some unique gift ideas that teens (and even adults) would like to unwrap Christmas morning. And for a split second, we can be that cool parent.

Wonder Woman laptop skin & Gaming Skins

Know a Wonder Woman fan? Iron Man Fan?  Then choose from a range of laptop skins from Skinit.

24125597_320333698373913_338254178075803648_n    wonder-woman-skinit

They’re available for practically any laptop, from HP and Dell to Apple and Asus. Starting at 29.99.

Coby water-resistant Bluetooth speaker

The Coby rugged water-resistant Bluetooth speaker is coby-speaker.pngrechargeable and wireless. It includes a built-in flashlight and features a rubberized, rugged exterior for impact resistance. Camping, hiking, strap it on a bike and It doubles as a shower speaker.(not IN the tub, but can get splashed) $39.99

Color Changing Cinema Lightbox

Teen girls would LOVE this. Heck, I would love this! LOL What a great place to put little “HAPPY” notes or sayings to your teen. Picture her (or his) name (or favorite phrase) in lights…bright, color-changing lights. $ 50.00

Be a Unicorn Accessory Pouch

BE A UNICORN, even when you are on the GO!4a19dcd3bbfc7d5178a8f20dea79964b_1024x1024@2xPerfect gift for all ages! Accessory pouches are a stylish way to keep all your tweens/teens essentials with you in one place.  Double-sided print accessory pouch with a secure GOLD zipper closure,  “T” bottom, so she can easily see your goodies, make-up. 12.5×8.5 inch pouch, $18.50


Have someone on your list hawkinsavclubsweatshirt-amazon-1obsessed with the Netflix series “Stranger Things”?

Here is the TOP 21 items for anyone obsessed with ‘Stranger Things”.  If you don’t know what it is, ask a Teen or any adult that watches Netflix….

Juiced 2.0 Tangle-Free Earbuds

Zipbuds Juiced 2.0 combinesub-buzz-26811-1511025130-11 great sound, colors, and the company’s patented never-tangle zipper cabling. These earbuds are designed for the everyday listener, and the comfort-fit earbud shape is angled for a secure and fit that feels good, too.


iPhone Charger Sticker Faces Set

Great stocking stuffer for the whole family, sub-buzz-26811-1511025130-1122especially for those kiddos that like to ‘borrow’ chargers.  Sativa Turner’s personable labels are custom-designed to fit the accessories of your favorite Apple devices. $ 12.95


That hard to buy for hubby/boyfriend/friend/sister? Check out these cool suggestions…

Mujjo touchscreen gloves…mujjo-glovesUSE your IPhone with these Gloves ON!

Mujjo touchscreen gloves come in several versions, including this men’s style in leather with a foldover closure for $96. A knit version for men or women is available for $24.

A portable phone charger.

sub-buzz-26811-1511025130-11This one has 13,000+ positive reviews and it can charge an iPhone 5.5 times on a single charge. I mean what guy couldn’t use a portable charger! AND, these are PERFECT to have for trips to Disney, hikes, camping, etc. Win, Win for the whole family.

Get it on Amazon in white or black for $31.99.

How about these stocking stuffers!  This Bar soap will induce instant nostalgia.sub-buzz-13344-1510602621-9

Grab these from Firebox for $15.79 each.


Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit

sub-buzz-13344-1510602621-9wwssHave someone that puts hot sauce on EVERYTHING?? They can make their own full-bodied hot sauce with this DIY kit   $ 34.95

Golfers BBQ Setsub-buzz-26811-1511025130-1122fff

Hit a hole in one!  These stainless steel barbecue tools have handles that look just like golf grips. $ 26.00
Super cute gift for the favorite golfer in your life.

“Get Fancy”, Tempered Glass Tray/Cutting Board/Cheese Tray tray2

Use this Super durable tempered glass tray as a cheese tray or cutting board. Either way, it will be the hit of the party! And a must for any Champagne LOVER you know! Dish washer safe, but hand wash preferred. 11 1/4″ x 8″ (cheese knife, cheese, crackers not included) $26.25


Mimosa Diagram Glassware – Set of 2mim

SUPER CUTE GLASSES! Great hostess gift or friend gift! What do you get when one part orange juice and two parts bubbly combine? A reason to celebrate! $ 38.00 Perfect for the mimosa lover.


Homesick Candles

Have a friend of family member in college or that has moved out of state…or out of the country? Homesick candles would be a perfect gift! These hand-poured soy wax candles offer a remedy for homesick senses. $ 30.00 Get them for ANY STATE. I’m sure New Jersey candle smells better than the turnpike….JK!


Allover Tech Gloves for Ladiessub-buzz-13344-1510602621-9wwssccc

No having to take your gloves OFF to use your Idevice. Wearing these touchscreen-friendly gloves, fingers can tap-tap-tap on a phone without freezing. $28.00

Adult Award Ribbons

For that amazingly, sarcastic friend! Cute for the Dirty Santa or stocking stuffer! Celebrate the real achievements, like putting pants on with these adult award ribbons. $ 28.00sub-buzz-13344-1510602621-9wwssccccccvv

If you’re reading this, Bring Champagne. Doormat

A MUST for any Champagne LOVER! Natural 100% Coco Coir Fiber Doormat, 18 by 30 by 1-Inch Door Mat. Complete your home outdoor or indoor entryway with the durable Natural Tan Coir Door Mat. This heavy-duty door mat features a simple, yet stylish, design for a practical update to a front door step–any Champagne lover would LOVE this as a gift! $68.50   Have a Champagne Lover and don’t know what to get them? Email Moe Champs and get a Gift Card as a stocking stuffer or gift!

doormat1 16x9

Peace Sign Tee Shirt


Retro Peace sign, fabric-washed tee from Pelican State Tee Shirt Company



24K Gold Rosé All Day® Bears

Yes, I said it…Rosé Gummy Bears!! Imported from Germany.  Treat yourself or a friend to a Small Candy Cube® of the ultimate grown-up gummy bear infused with rosé wine from Provence and gilded with edible 24K gold leaf. $24.00  These come from Germany…so don’t delay in ordering. cvsdf

Goldshine Vase from Anthropologie

The cutest little bud vase, Ceramic, Imported 6 inches x 2 inches in diameter. $16.00


Manduka ProLite Yoga Mat

Eco-friendly made with certified emissions-free, zero-waste production, Manduka’s ProLite comes in five bright colors and a lifetime guarantee. A fitting gift for the yogini who wants to be good to her body and the environment. The ProLite is durable, lightweight, slip-resistant and non-sticky even after a good sweat. ProLites can be ordered online at Manduka.com. They even have yoga clothing, blocks, etc.
Retail: $68



Ok, I think this about covers it! I’m including a few links below of a couple of my favorite ‘go to’ gift stores. They ALL ship! So if you see something you like on their Facebook or Instagram, web site….hit them up via, email, DM or PM and they will answer any questions…the beauty of SMALL BUSINESS 🙂  You get Personal Attention!!  #shopsmall

The Dixie Gypsies Boutique  Facebook and Instagram  Super cute funky clothing, fringe, dusters, velvet. Unique fun stuff. I have several of their items on my IG.

Moe Champs- Online Store, Facebook, Instagram Champagne inspired Clothing, Tees, Home items and even items for the Fur Baby!

Southern Accents– I JUST came across this boutique a few weeks ago- super cute stuff. Instagram

Terra Home GiftsInstagram Web Site I’ve been shopping here for years for gifts 🙂

So there we go, my top unique picks for 2017 and all under $100. Hopefully this helps you and hopefully my family doesn’t read this weeks blog, because I have my eye on several for them…and for myself! If all else fails…gift cards will always work!

DON’T FORGET ORDER SOON…The Holiday Madness and Mail is SLOWING DOWN!! #dontBethatPerson  I hope you all enjoy these last few weeks of December. Now I have to get to work on next weeks blog ‘Holiday Champagne Cocktails’….I think it will take several hours///I mean days of detailed, hands on tasting & research.

Cheers, Happy Shopping and Merry Christmas!






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