My Favorite Champagne Cocktails, and some NOT so favorites to leave in 2017.

We are in fully immersed in the Holidays and Holiday parties…and doing whatever we can to survive & decompress. Some do yoga, some go running, some take a long bath and some pour a nice cocktail. I choose to combine the latter of the two. Ahhhh, sweet bliss. My kiddos are old enough where they won’t just barge in. Not saying they don’t knock and ask questions through the door. But at least I still can get a few moments of silence.

It never fails, the older I get and whenever there is a party ‘signup sheet’, I always seem to sign up to bring an adult beverage. Is it because my taste buds are getting way more picky?  Or is it because who has time to bake these days (or pretend to anyways, and put on a tray)? wink. The hubby and I also have friends and family over a lot during the holidays…well, all the time really. And it’s always Champagne time at the Peyton Casa! But how’s about a few twists on the simple glass of Champagne…well look no further! Disclaimer: I will take that simple glass ANY day of the week.

Here is my list of Favorites and FAILS–Champagne Cocktails. Enjoy! Oh, and FYI…ALL of my cocktails are used with Freixenet Cava Cordon Negro …and NO, they aren’t paying me. I just drink the heck out of it and it’s really, really good. It’s actually a ‘Cava’, because it’s from Spain, (Champagne=France–I’ll do a blog on that lesson soon.) #justdrinkit #ItSabersWellAlso  #aSaberSwordisOnMyXmasList #notKidding

NOTE…Pour ALL of your Mixers LAST, if you pour your Champs INTO the mixers, your Champs/Cava will Bubble up and overflow. Lesson learned the hard way over & over & over. #blondemoments

First, since it’s Christmas Time, Poinsettia I have to start with The Poinsettia. Think of a Mimosa, except with Cranberry Juice.

1 Oz Cranberry in Glass of Champs. You can put some sugar on the rim and/or drop and cranberry in it.   KP Rating- 5 STARS

Add 1/2 OZ of Titos Vodka, remove cranberry & replace with a twist of lemon to recreate the .007 from the Hotel Monteleone, New Orleans) .007- KP Rating- 7 STARS


belliniNow for the Bellini. I’m not a fan of peaches, unless it’s in a cobbler, but some of you may be…so here ya go.

Add 2 oz of peach juice or fresh peaches put in a blender with a little bit of water. You can even use frozen peaches and blend with a little water to make it pour-able. Pour in the bubbly. KP RATING- 4 STARS




The Kombucha…What The What?? kombu.jpgI saw this online and thought, OK. I’ll try it. So what is Kombucha? It IS vinegar soda, a fizzy, fermented tea of sorts. Sooooo — I like pickles, I like soda…and I like Champagne. Ok, here goes nothing! Well, this did not go as planned. I do not like Kombucha. I do not like green eggs and ham, I do not like it on a bus or on a plane, I do not like it.

You may… 3 oz of the nasty death soda, 1/2 of a squeezed orange, Pour in the Champs, garnish with a sliced orange to dress up this nasty drink and trick your guests. KP RATING- 1/2 STAR 


The Bees Knees,Moscato-Bees-Knees-Cocktail 5 just saying the name makes me want to dress up like a Mad Men character and call someone Carol. Now, I wish I liked gin, but all I taste is a Christmas tree. For gin lovers…this is the perfect champagne cocktail.

1 1/4 oz Gin, 3/4 oz lemon juice, 3/4 oz honey.

Garnish with lemon slice or zest, or both. Can even sugar the rim before hand. Ice can be added if you like…but DON’T shake because it will overflow. KP RATING- 3 Carol STARS


The Rose Noir , doesn’t this just sound intriguing? Like something that should be ordered in a dark, velvet clad bar in Paris? Mon amour! Alas, I’m at my granite kitchen counter mixing drinks to sample. Well, a girl can dream. This cocktail can be made with Rosé or Brut and perfect to be made in a pitcher before a party.mason-shaker-rose-cocktail-ingredients-contributor_sq.jpg1 1/2 oz Vodka, 1 1/2 tbs. Blackberry preserves or purée, 1/2 oz Lemon Juice, Top with Rosé. …. KP RATING- 7 STARS

FYI….I’m blending all of the fruit in a small blender so it’s liquid/puree, mixes with the drink and gives the taste of the fruit with each sip. Yes, it will settle to the bottom at times, but drink fast. 🙂


Black Velvet half  Guinness and half Champagne. I guess this is what Conor McGregors tears would taste like. Bitter with a salty after bite. Not for me. KP Rating- 4 STARSIMG_36031-1024x768


Sneaky Champs3

This is perfect made in LARGE batches…and the recipe below is for that!

1 part Champs, 1/4 parts strawberry flavored vodka, 1/4 part Sprite, club soda or Mineral water…MORE BUBBLES!

Top with Fresh Strawberry Purée   #willKickYourButt



French 75  French-75Cognac. Not my favorite, but I’ll try anything once, twice just to make sure. So, down the hatch.  They say cognac typically features flavors of nuts, vanilla and caramel. Well, they lie. All I taste is alcohol bitterness ruining a good glass of bubbly. This will put hair on your chest…and other places. However, If you like cognac, you will like this.

1 oz cognac, 1 oz fresh lemon juice, Champs. Garnish with lemon peel. KP RATING- 3 STARS

Queen’s Cousin this crap is to complicated to make…so here is the recipe. You are on your own. 1 oz Vodka. 1/2 oz Grand Marnier, 1/2 oz Lime Juice, 1 tsp Triple Sec. No rating, LOL

Strawberry Lemonade Spritzer a lovely refreshing drink and easy! Strawberry-Lemonade-Bellini-Mocktail-Ingredients1/3 parts sparkling lemonade and the rest bubbly! Top with a Strawberry or a tablespoon of strawberry purée. I even sometimes take frozen strawberries and blend them up…SO good! When they are in season, I will take them fresh, cut them up and freeze them the night before and use them as little flavored ice cubes in each glass. I sometimes mix my lemonade concentrate with Pellegrino sparkling water…just for some extra bubbles! KP RATING- 9 STARSsparkling-strawberry-lemonade-ingredients

So there you have it…11 great, and a few not so great Champagne Cocktails to help guide you through the “what to bring” Holiday season…or help you survive at home. Interesting FACT…there are 11 Champagne Cocktails in this list and 11 Friday, Saturday, and Sundays between now and New Years Day….coincidence ? I think not. #TasteTest #SurvivalMode

I would love to hear which ones you like the best…or least! LOL

Cheers and Happy Mixing!


P.S. The past several months I have been working on some women’s health info/items for an upcoming Blog… 2018 The Year of YOU; Treat Yo’self, Take Care of Yo’self. It includes info on Skin Cancer Screening, Botox, Mammograms (did that last week for the first time. umm, interesting) I would LOVE to hear any and all suggestions & concerns as a woman, mom, mom to be, hormones, fighting winkles, heck…whatever! Post here or mail me at LOVE TO ALL! xoxo









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