5 New Years Resolutions You Can Actually Keep This Year…PLATE it Baby!

We do it every year, a few weeks before New Years rolls around, we start thinking of resolutions. Next year will be different. Better! I will eat better. I will spend less time on my I-devices. And, I really need to lose a few pounds. But, two weeks into the new year, we are on the sofa in our PJ’s with our iPhone in one hand, a pint of ben & jerry’s in the other, binge watching The Crown on Netflix. Hey, at least we lasted two weeks!

But, this year can and WILL be different. Why?  One simple word. PLATE. Yeah, my PLATE is full I thought, but when I heard the meaning behind it, this PLATE changed the way I approached my daily and weekly routine, my entire outlook because it changed me. Do I still have learning and tweaking to do with my PLATE? Heck YEAH. The day we stop learning and working on ourselves is the day we fail. And the day we think we are at a point where we don’t need to continue to work on ourselves, mark that one in the fail column too.  #WorkInProgress

Here we go….What is PLATE?

P. Put good stuff in your mind. This world is FULL of negative, harsh news and sad things on your facebook feed. So make a solid effort, for just a few minutes a day, to reflect, learn something new, different and put GOOD stuff in. Maybe a few minutes of Simple Meditation can work for you. Simple meditation practice involves becoming aware of your thoughts, body, and surroundings. You focus on your breathing and relax each muscle in your body. You can be in any position that is comfortable to you. If thoughts or noises arise, let them. If this sounds cooky, then just look up some inspiration quotes on Pinterest..or maybe finally UNFOLLOW that Debbie Downer. You know the one. Maybe sign up for a daily quote to get your morning started right. Here is a link, sign up, reflect and start your day happy…it takes 3-5 minutes. Now you don’t need to tweet or post about your daily meditation or quotes…no one needs to know your every move and FB is not your diary–this is your time, just sayin’.  Choose your GOOD STUFF and PUT good stuff in.

L. Let go of the past. Easier said than done, right!? A wise person once said ‘Not forgiving someone is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.’ So very true. You can’t change the past. Learn from it, don’t live in it and move on. People come into your life for a reason and/or a season. Learn which and don’t linger. Sometimes you have to let people go along with the past…and 9 times out of 10 they need to be a part of the past. This has been the hardest for me to grasp over my many years on this great earth. When we are hurt, we tend to hold on to the hurt for too long. In the famous words of Anna & Elsa, let it goooo, let it goooo. (now I have that dang song stuck in my head)

A. Attitude of Gratitude.  How many times a week are we asked “How are you?”. We respond with “Fine” OR…we give a laundry list of a million things that are going wrong… “Girl, I am so stressed, work is killing me, these kids are on travel ball and dance AND soccer, I cant keep the house clean, never have time to cook dinner by the time we get home, homework, laundry is taking over my life, etc., etc., etc.,…”.  Sound familiar?  We have it SOOOO bad that we don’t have time to cook FOOD, that we are able to pay for AND when we get to come home to a ROOF we are blessed to have over our heads, with our FAMILY, in the CAR we drive. POOR US! We take so many things for granted, a home, our health, food, clothing, running water…. and we wonder why are children are spoiled. #ImGuiltyToo

T. Throw Something. Throw love, kindness, a smile, glitter, peace…throw something…throw anything but shade! Once a day, tell someone that they are doing a good job, that they are important, send a positive email, build someone up, tell someone that you love them. You never know what struggles are going on in a persons life and you may be the only light in their day. So, throw some glitter darling! And, in the words of my late grandmother ‘GaGa’…God don’t sleep and he don’t like ugly. #ThrowSomethingSista #GlassHalfFull #WhatYouThrowOutComesBackToYou 255398_2

E. Exercise the 5 Minute Rule. No, I’m not talking about a work out. You are on your own with gym promises. The 5 minute rule is simple and probably the most important one on the PLATE. Dedicate 5 munities a day to constructive, real interaction with your husband, child…whoever is in your home (If you are a split home, like step parent—‘5 minute’ when they are with you, call them on the phone, what ever you can make work). Alright, you may be thinking“My child answers in one word sentences, it’s like pulling teeth and his eyes are glued to his phone. They are like little I-Zombies”  Well, welcome to the rest of the parenting world. I get lot of grunts, shrugs, eye rolls, one word answers like “yes”, “no” ,”sure”.  I bribe with ice cream. THAT usually works with the 13 yr old. for as long as it takes to consume two scoops of ice cream, I get dialogue. Maybe you, don’t know how to start the convo? Here is a list of 45 open ended questions to get the convo started with your kiddo!

Teenagers Text Messaging In A Car

Now for the hubby/boyfriend/significant other. Even after a full work day, my hubby gets home and heads in the home & logs back on returning emails…so I try my best to peel him away from the work emails. Sometimes I bellow from the kitchen, with my best Julia Childs impression, “Oh Honey, time to PLATE!” #notkidding #OurPlateTimeIsHappyHour  Some nights, I even get more than 5 munities with him before his phone pings and a work email takes him back into the home office. He’s a workaholic, we both are. We HAVE to have solid relationships with our main ‘family team’ members and 5 minutes is soooo do-able. #TeamPLATE #WhoIsOnYourTeam?

So there ya go. Easy button!  I mean you are probably doing a few of these already, just not consistently. Life is about keeping it going! You fail 100 times, you get up 101. There will be trials, tribulations, loss, blows to our ego, haters, supporters, believers, ups, downs, and everything in between….just keep swimming and PLATE!

PUT Good Stuff In.

LET Go of the Past.

ATTITUDE of Gratitude.

THROW Something Good

EXERCISE 5 Minute Rule

Those 5 things you CAN do in 2018 to better yourself….PLATE it Baby!

Cheers & Merry Christmas!


Oh, PS…I usually BLOG POST on Monday evenings. But, next Monday is Christmas Day, and well, that is family time for everyone and I will be PLATE-ing. So next weeks BLOG will post on Tuesday, the 26th. Here is a little Happy…Don’t forget to LOG on and TRACK SANTA with NORAD. Official_NORAD_Santa_TrackerThe Kiddos will LOVE this! You can start it now if the ELF on the Shelf isn’t working…LOL XOXO

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