Treat Yo Self, Take Care of Yo Self

Well First, HAPPY NEW YEAR! You could be ringing in New Year Day dragging slowing with a hang over, or perky and well rested. I am in the middle. Every year I am reminded of something my Dad says; ‘You can’t hoot with the owls and soar with the eagles’. So I hoot less and less the older I get.

Now down to business.  If you are a working woman, you are probably guilty of this. If you are a stay at home mom, you are probably guilty to. If you are a female in general, you are probably guilty of putting yourself on the back burner for every one else. For work, for projects, for volunteer activities, for kids, for husband, boyfriend, friends, bake sales…and the list goes on and on. And while we are LOVED for being generous, we won’t and can’t just skip out on our responsibilities and flee the country. We as women take on twice a much as our male counterparts. So why is that THEY don’t have a problem saying no when asked to chair that new project or volunteer for a school field trip….it’s not like we are sitting around eating bon-bons all day.  WE have the need to please, to nurture, and for some twisted reason, some of us feel the need to please & impress other women. I wish us mamas could give ourselves and each other a break. I really don’t care who makes the best 20 layer dip. Mine is 5 layer and it’s fantastic. It is time we start TREATING our selves…AND taking better care of our selves. We can’t help anyone  if we are running on fumes.  Treat Yo Self, Take Care of Yo Self.  I realized last week, that this blog will have to be in two parts. 1- Treat Yo Self , next week part 2-Take Care of Yo Self.

Finding a balance between driving ourselves mad to be perfectly put together 24/7 and not giving a flying F is the trick. Once I master it I will be sure to share it with everyone, but until then; let’s do this life thing together. Something that has helped me not drive off a cliff is to breathe. My husband is going to read this part and chuckle…yes breathe. And Plate! (you won’t understand ‘Plate” unless you read Dec 19th Blog). I breathe as I am clicking the ADD TO CART button, I breathe as I am opening a bottle of champs and I breathe as I mumble under my breathe WTF about 348 times a day. See…breathing it helps. #notkidding #treatYoSelf #evenhadATshirtMade

Eat the Cupcake, buy the shoes. Is your kiddo pitching a good ole hissy fit in Target because they want a new toy two weeks after Christmas?? Awe, hell to the no. Leave the buggy in the middle of the store and roll on out sista. Unless you are buying something you need in the next 4 hours…leave. There is no need to stress yourself out for no reason. I promise, your child will take note and after this mom stunt (or maybe 7 or 8 more times, LOL) and they will know you meant business!  And please, PLEASE, for the love of all things that glitter…don’t be the mean girl. Be the one that includes, that welcomes, that is humble, that may see another mom running on fumes and helps fill her fuming tank instead of emptying it. A new mom left a moms group in tears…“I used cloth diapers, I didn’t use pacifiers or bottles. I didn’t have fancy clothes — neither did my baby — I didn’t have a manicure. I mean I barely had time to shower, how was I going to get a manicure? The women were encouraged to brag about how fast their babies were rolling over, walking, losing their baby weight, even their poops. Everything was a competition. These were not my people. I never went back.”  Sometimes ‘Treating Yo Self’ means treating others like you would like to be treated. The truth is, what you consider small may not be so minute in someone else’s world.  #truth #BeNiceDamnit #IfYouCantBeNiceThenAtLeastBeQuiet

We’ve established that none us can or should run on fumes. Now, let’s get to the Retail Therapy of the Treat Yo Self part!  Yes, I know Christmas has just finished…..but, here are a few of my favorites to kick off MARDI GRAS season. And again yes, I know it’s just New Years Day…but Jan 6th will be Epiphany and the official start of Mardi Gras. So here ya go!

SIDENOTE: if you click on any of these items, it will take you to  the item to look at colors, sizes and SEVERAL other gowns, shoes, coats, even accessories…pretty much anything you will need for Mardi Gras season. Even some gloves and hats for those that go skiing during Mardi Gras break. LOTS of these are on SALE!!! So, if you still need a ball gown, STEP TO IT. They don’t last.

If there is ANY time to TREAT Yo self…it is Mardi Gras season. I bet you are thinking. The dresses and shoes above are going to cost an arm and a leg. NOPE, they are about the same price as what I usually spend renting a Rent the Runway dress. #score

I am also huge into entertaining, por favor close up4especially during Mardi Gras! There is always champagne flowing and I always break out my favorite champs glasses from Abigails! They come in a set of 6, assorted designs,  with gold trim. I get so many compliments on them ….and they have survived my clumsy self for years now!



Last year, about this time, I was running like a MAD woman, on fumes, as Captain of an all women Mardi Gras krewe in Alexandria, LA…Krewe of the Gratiae. Working on last minute details for our 19th annual ball, working full time, etc., etc., etc.. Our Theme was “Back to the 50’s”, hence the large red barrel curl wig…that was a great wig! (Great styling by Jess…love ya girl) My sweet hubby was crowned King Gratiae XIX at the ball that night. Great night and one heck of a party!  The hubby is the one in the Velvet King Robe below. Want to see a TON of Mardi Gras ball Gown suggestions, including shoes? Click on my hubs face below, LOL #HailKingGratiae #GratiaeRocks #LOVEMardiGras 


This year, I am running (almost on fumes) for many different reasons. I launched, working on my Blog and it’s growth, which is a major plateful. Plus, kiddos, hubby, family, volunteer work (which is my hobby) and social time—VERY important. There is nothing better than cutting up with your girls over a glass, or 4, of champs. It is essential for my sanity. rose candleSometimes the ONLY way to stop and smell the roses is to stop and smell the Rose’ or Prosecco. When they are combined…even better! Keeping one of these Voluspa candles by your tub, vanity area or somewhere away from the kiddos (so they don’t stick their little fingers in it) helps calm ya down. And these beauties are made with no phthalates, parabens, sulfates and not tested on animals. #yay #love #spatimeAtHome #GlassJarVersion #TinJarVersion

I have several friends that deal with anxiety disorders. We all want to do our best, be our best self— but sometimes that little voice of self doubt is telling us we aren’t good enough. Mine gets the best of me. I think we ALL have some level of anxiety and self doubt. Am I making this gumbo roux dark enough? Are my grey hairs showing? Why can’t I get a perfect cat eye! Did I turn off the oven? If I make my toddler eat peas will they need therapy for me almost force feeding them? UGH!

According to Keith Humphreys, a professor of psychiatry at Stanford University, your words don’t have to be your most powerful method — offering to do something with them may be the best way to help alleviate stress & anxiety. Humphreys says activities like meditation, going for a walk, taking a soaking bath or working out are all positive ways to help. Psychologists also agree: treating yourself to spa day, clothing, treats, etc. can help you to feel cared for, valuable, and energized. Always remember to do something for YO self. You deserve it. You do! Treat YO Self! Doctors orders!

Part 2 of this blog will be next week and it will focus more on the health/physical side, Take care of Yo Self.

Have a great New Years Week!







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