PART 2…. Take Care of Yo Self

The Man Flu. The world halts when a man gets a cold. The earth actually stops making rotations around the sun! They can’t walk to the kitchen for soup or their medicine. They can’t be disturbed by the children. They are also too sick to see a Doctor. They don’t have time. They will “be fine” because they just “need to rest”. AKA…you are now their personal nurse maid for the next 48-234 hours. 

The woman flu. Fever of 104.7 and we usually still take care of household duties, kids, prepare meals with a mask and gloves. We do it all, just at 95% capacity of when we aren’t sick. We also have enough sense to take our kiddos and tell our hubby’s to GO TO the Doctor.  We insist they get a flu test! WHY? So they/we don’t spread germs. Yes, we will take care of the cold/flu that is ravaging our homes, in our face, watering our eyes, pouring down our faces. So why is it that we put ourselves on the back burner for preventative medicine? We as women have got to take better care of ourselves!

I began thinking about this blog post several months ago when I saw a strange mole on my hip…where my muffin top happens in tight jeans. The Dermatologist called that area my ‘flank’. (I guess muffin top isn’t a medical term.) I am SO, SO glad I went to see my Demo because the mole I showed her was biopsied and came back as pre-cancerous…sooo she removed the entire area to get clean margins. Painless procedure. At that time we did a full body scan…a few more moles were biopsied. One more came back pre-cancerous. Same process–bye bye bad mole.

I grew up in the tanning bed days…I know, I know–horrible! But, she told me that some people are just genetically predisposed and it’s NOT just people over 30 that need to be self checking. The youngest melanoma she has treated was a 17 year old male. 17 years old!!! Bless him.

If you have a lot of moles, find a good Dermatologist and get screened sooner rather than later. If you have a changing mole, get it checked out. She also mentioned a term they call the Ugly Duckling–a mole different than all the other moles you have. Some can be pink or red, some dark brown. That is a red flag, get it checked. Here is a link to my Dermatologists web site for some photos of what types to look for, so you can reference. Click on the Pre-Cancers & Skin Cancers tab.  SCREEN YO SELF! #babyoilTanningAndLemonJuiceHighlights #lord #OnlySprayTanNow

Another thing we/I put off, because of the horror stories….and should not be putting off is MAMMOGRAMS. First of all, it took me longer in the waiting room than IN the actual mammogram room. Second, if you have ANY family history, aunt, mom, sister, grandmother, cousin, etc. that has had breast cancer…get a mammogram and get the 3D MRI Mammogram. 3D Mammography™ exam finds 20-65% more invasive breast cancers compared to 2D alone. Here is what it looks like…click on the photo below to find out where you can get this type of scan. I am NOT getting paid to say this. And your Doctor will have to order it (insurance stuff) SO worth it. 111111I was completely ignorant to this new, but not so new, technology. Apparently, most Dr’s now are only ordering it, because it will show so much more and much earlier. THANK YOU MY DOCTOR!  I have nothing to compare this experience to, because, like I said, this was my first one….and it’s not a spa day. But, it’s not horrible. AND if you ask nice, you get to keep the pink paper shirt! #scoremamo.jpgI’m thinking, if I belt it, and put my hair up, it would work….? It’s giving me a very kimono vibe.  #youbetterwork  #iReallyDidntKeepIt

As for the actual mammogram? That poor lady. She really was awesome. If you have been following my blogs, I think you know by now that I have, well….a combination sarcastic, goofy, laugh at my own jokes (sometimes foul mouthed) sense of humor. And when someone has your boob in their hand, and they haven’t even bought you dinner….you have to break the ice. I think her comment was…”You’re funny. You are going in my book”.  Greaaaaaat. At least I’m not the villain in this one.

FYI-My mammogram results came back clear/negative. YAY! (but dense and fibrous…3D would have been the ONLY way to go) Ladies, even if you are under 40, talk to your OBGYN about getting a Mammogram.  About 1 in 8 U.S. women (about 12%) will develop invasive breast cancer over the course of her lifetime. About 85% of breast cancers occur in women who have no family history of breast cancer. These occur due to genetic mutations that happen as a result of the aging process and life in general, rather than inherited mutations. Also, since I am sharing my life here. I have implants and the 3D is better with detecting cancer with those with implants. Breastfeeding and gaining 70 lbs. during pregnancy destroyed them many moons ago…there ya go.   Besides skin cancer, breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer among American women.  #SaveTheTaTas #CheckyourMoles

Take care of YO Self. I you don’t, who will be around to aggravate your kids, husband, boyfriend, etc…..? You need to be around for a LONG time.

Cheers, Happy Health and HAPPY MARDI GRAS Season!


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