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It would be great if everything and everyone came with a user manual. The new dishwasher is here…let’s get out the manual for install and use. Need to sync your phone to your car? Get that user manual out and turn on the Bluetooth. Oh look, the new baby is here and he’s spewing, what looks like pea soup, across the room like it’s possessed …where is the FREAKING manual for that??! Or the terrible twos, manual please! Seriously, who has the manual for that shit storm. And I would like to say that they get better as they mature into tweens, and teens and then young adults…but, that hurricane just morphs into different Cats 1-5. We have to learn to mix drinks quicker to survive. #momhack1 #keeptheBarStockedAndLocked

My first large mom hack suggestion came when I was potty training…many moons ago. This was before all of the fancy stuff that is around today; the fancy targets you put for them to tee-tee on, the potty stickers, water changing colors, etc.  I did it the old fashion way; bribery. I stocked up on Clorox wipes, paper towels and M&M’s. (and wine) And we locked down the house for three days. Off came the diaper and lil man went full commando. (tee shirt and socks only) Every 15-20 min I was asking, “do you need to go potty?” And if he made potty…he got an M&M. There were accidents, tears, lots of them. Mostly from me. He wanted LOTS of M&M’s and after about a day, he realized going IN the potty, got you a treat. Not just sitting down…you had to actually GO. By the end of day two, big boy underwear went on. He didn’t like the way that felt when an accident happened….and it only happened once or twice, heck maybe 7 times (I was in survival mode). By the end of day three, he was coming to get me to go potty. Praise the potty Gods!

Time frame: He was about 2 and was staying 100% dry about 4 nights a week. Also, we never did pull-ups. I think that just prolongs the process…they are just glorified diapers. He didn’t have a night-time bottle, but did have a sippy cup about 2 hours before bed but did have a few sips right beforeAnd when I say lots of Clorox wipes…be prepared to use them for messes of 1 & 2. So, you may want to roll up that nice rug you searched 4 stores for, unless you want to be cleaning little Timmy’s ‘surprise’ off of it. 

I have had a lot of moms that say this 3 day lockdown works for them too…but it is a LOT harder on the mom/dad at first. Hang in there! I promise it works! There will be setbacks, but you can do it! Our littles are smarter, and manipulative than we give them credit for. They are little Army Generals and know how to break us! #StayStrong #ThreeDayCamp

Most of you reading this will either have kids, grandkids, friends with kids, or be that cool aunt…so remember these Mom/kid hacks. WD-40 is the perfect crayon remover from walls. Toothpaste cleans permanent marker off wood furniture. Need to wean your baby/toddler off a pacifier? Start cutting the tip off, and gradually cut off more and more. Eventually they won’t like/need it. (Be sure to keep the inside extra clean during the process.)


Have a busy baby untitledthat does NOT like a play pin, but you need a safe space for them? Inflatable pool. This will keep them busy for hours and you can get cleaning, computer work done. Of course, never them unattended, this goes without saying….but lord, it’s ok for us NOT to hold them 24/7.

We are all busy, busy, busy, busy! Like a toddler on Mountain Dew.  Even those of us without kids. Even single working gals…busy! It is the go to word. “How are you?”  “Girl, I’m so busy!”  Now that I am working from home, I thought I would have more free time…but, sometimes I get caught up returning emails, checking on orders, etc… before I know it, it is 3pm and I haven’t eaten.  Then, I have a raging ‘hangry’ headache and I am wondering ‘WHY’.  Why I have decided to launch a business and a blog at the same time? And still try to maintain some sense of sanity with home life, hubby, kids, friends, volunteer life…..wait, what sanity? When I feel overwhelmed, I go back to my ‘why’. Why am I involved with this organization or that group, etc.?  Recently, I needed to locate my ‘why’.  A lot of soul-searching happened in 2017 and I dropped a few hot potatoes because they weren’t helping my ‘why’.  I was spreading myself too thin: graphic design, content creation, traffic building, list building, promotions, volunteer orgs, and taking on my own learning with SEO…that was just one side of the coin. I was saying YES to everything, even things that were making me miserable. WHY? It goes back to our innate drive/urge to please, even if we damage ourselves in the process. We allow ourselves to be taken advantage of and sometimes even bullied, and by other women! (that is a totally separate blog topic) Listen up ladies-Life hack…learn your worth. It is ok to say no.  It is also ok to not have it all together 100% of the time. We are perfectly imperfect. We can be both a masterpiece and a work in progress at the same time. And that is OK. #GodMadeYouAndHeDoesNotMakeMistakes

….And make a bucket list to keep you on track with your WHY…it doesn’t have to be long list, or your full/final list. Just start somewhere! I want to go see the ‘Long Island Medium’ in Nola this summer….that is one thing on my 2018 Bucket List! (maybe the hubby will read this and see I am SERIOUS and get me tickets…hint hint, wink wink)

Now, I despise laundry, that is something on my “do NOT like list”. 1-2Everyone fends for themselves in this house. My kiddos are at the age where they can wash their own. Sometimes, I myself feel like a college kid searching in the depths of the back of my underwear drawer for the last comfy pair. My hubby knows it’s time I do laundry…when the granny panties come out.  Poor thing, I am sure it’s a site to behold.  Having grown up with brothers and having a house full of men, I do, however, know how to get stains out of almost anything. Here is a reference chart…and you are welcome! For those of you with boys…you are double welcome. #PainInMyButtLaundryHacks #DoNotLikeLaundry 

From Laundry to cooking, it never ends. They want food. Daily, for some reason. So, I have to feed them or they get hangry. I can not tell you how many times (a week) I stand in front of the fridge and think, WTH am I going to cook tonight. WELL, there is this cool web site I just found www.SuperCook.com ….I wish I knew about this YEARS ago. Enter what you have in your fridge/pantry, and it will give you options for meals. BAM! #MealHack

When I started this blog, it was my main goal to keep it real. The sub-title is Real Women, Drinking, Eating Real Food, Wearing Real Clothes, Being Real…for goodness sake! I try to share a much of my personal experiences as I can. Lord knows, southern ladies do not put their business on the streets, but we do know that is OK to show our true side. Just be real and be a GOOD person! It’s fine to be a bad mamma jamma. BMJ’s are NOT stuck up snobs who think they’re better than everyone else. We have an obligation to be a productive and decent member of society. If you are one, which I bet you are, recognize this and fight for this. Be a beacon of light in a sometimes very dark world filled with bad relationships, crappy well liquor and at times even crappier people. Your success is not about just you, it’s what you can do with it. Build other people up! You don’t need to tear others down to make yourself feel better. Real queens straighten each others crowns.  Be that breath of fresh air everyone is craving. And it’s ok to stand up for your self when it’s needed. More importantly, stand up for those who can’t.  Women who are assertive, bold, out of the box are often called ‘too aggressive’, men doing the same are called ‘leaders’…go figure.   #DontBeAStepfordWife #BeYourBestSelf #RaiseOthersUp #BeRealBeYou #FindYourTribeAndThrive

Do you, boo.








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