SHEnanigans. It’s the BEST kind….cutting up with your girlfriends. It’s also way cheaper than therapy. For the past few days, weeks (months even) I have been slammed with my business, home life and trying to find time to plan around my most favorite time of the year…Mardi Gras Season! Three balls so far, one to go in Nola…and SHEnanigans at each.IMG_1632 (002).JPG

I was lucky enough that a few girlfriends can join me in NOLA to witness my inaugural ride in Mystic Krewe of Nyx. We have it ALL lined out. Playlist for the road trip-check. Champagne for the condo-check. Cute outfits-check. Reservations for dinner-check. Lite up signs for NYX and Muses-Check. The main things are taken care off and the rest will fall into place.

I am usually a ‘list’ maker, a schedule person when it comes to trips. I want to fit in as MUCH fun as possible. At the very least, I have dinner reservations for every night. But, not this time…we are staying ON the parade route, so what else is there really. That IS the entertainment every few hours. I am just going to ‘go with it”. Or at least try like he##. I may have to self medicate with champagne, because I tend to be a little OCD, ADHD, BOSS, and a few other letters at times. #weareALLWorkInProgress #IfYouThinkYouArentThenReflectBoo

When you ride in your hometown, it’s much easier. Load up, go home. Have someone drop you off, ride, go home. Riding out of town, and with another ball during the stay….holy balls batman; I feel like I am MOVING. I’m not complaining, and first year, I am working out all of the “newbie” kinks. I also can’t wait to document behind the scenes and share with everyone on next weeks blog!

Let’s talk about the signature throws. WOW. I jumped right IN several months ago and began decorating…and by decorating, I mean hand painting some of my purses. (Which is the NYX signature throw) Some of the krewe members purse creations are works of ART! I really want the people that catch my purses, if they so choose, to be able to use their purse, during carnival season. Here are a few of mine.


IMG_1656 (002)

Cigar Box made to Look like a Tiffany box



IMG_1669 (002)

Almost kept him…


LOVE the Cajun Queen on Cigar box. I wrapped the swap scene all around it. I almost kept this one.

IMG_1670 (002)

LOVE how this snakeskin clutch turned out.            Glittered then painted. Almost kept this one too!

A sweet friend even helped me knock the last few out….LOVE this snow cone one! Some of my purses are being hand delivered before & after the parade…each rider can only throw 20. #IMaRuleFollower

IMG_1663 (002)

This is only a FEW of the many purses representing the hours & hours and pounds of GLITTER that cover my dining room…and every other inch of floor in my house. (and dog). We all look like we have either been to the Gentleman’s Club or Neverland. #dustedwithglitter. My kitchen currently looks like a moving truck just backed in and dumped….

This is LEGIT my kitchen right now and my OCD brain is swarming.

IMG_1716 (002)

It’s like “Where’s Waldo” but the Mardi Gras prep version! I spy a 1/2 doggie, 4 dog toys, several cases of beads, Float 10 second line float sign, 29 bagged purses, 1 rolling ice chest (that doubles as a seat) and a partridge in a pear tree. The more I look at this photo, the more I want to open a bottle of champs. #AnxietyLevelWiththeMess #AllWorthIt

ANNNNNND, like I didn’t have enough to do today. I found a ‘recipe’ for a NON toxic way to safety and temporally color your doggies ears or tail. I thought, how cute for Mardi Gras. AND VERY identifiable , even with Moe’s tag on his harness.

IMG_1462 (002).JPGWell, some people were coloring their WHOLE dog…..ummm no. Ears only please. So, I go to get Kool-Aid and a Utility Wagon (that collapses) at Target. I don’t go to the Devils playground alone…that place, well. It rhymes with Mall Part. I just don’t go there. So, into the Target I go. They don’t carry dry purple Kool-Aid, single serve little packets like anyone over 35 grew up on; when you poured it into the pitcher, it dusted up like a heavenly little purple haze as you waited, stirring, adding heaping cups of sugar……that stuff. Ah, the good ole days. (Dang, I just realized I really miss purple Kool-Aid) Well, Target just had the large red Kool-Aid. Enough to quench the entire Crossroads Soccer Association, or the generic purple ‘drink mix’. I thought “that should do it”. This is where my plan started to go downhill. I got home, got my gloves on and mixed the drink mix with my VEGAN, pet safe conditioner. #DontCallPetaHeIsFine #HeGetsTreatedBetterThanMyKids IMG_1699 (002).jpgThe online tutorials said the mix would be WAY darker, so I didn’t think anything of it being very dark. Into the tub we went and I began to apply Moe’s color to his left ear hair, like a careful Bailage. He was super chill and just to note, is hair is very white everywhere else. (yes, Shih Tzu’s have hair, not fur) I finished with the first ear and then had a oh crap ‘moment’. HOW in the heck am I’m going to do his right ear without it touching his back, his head?? ….With my toes???  I think he was laughing at me. I needed foil, another set of hands, something. The right ear was done with one hand…..then one glove came off with my mouth as picked him off to bring him to rinse. Lets just say this was an epic fail. I blame the generic drink mix brand. #VidalSassonWhereAreYou #TodaysShenanigans

Here is the before and after…notice the slight HINT of TEAL. He is not pleased with the final color and did not leave a tip. 

Experiencing riding ON a float and being IN a Krewe in New Orleans has been something I have wanted to do for a LONG time. It’s in my heart and in my blood!  I thank my hubby for not complaining (too much) with all of the glitter, long nights, and honey-do’s, one more when he gets home.

One of the best things about Mardi Gras Season is getting all dressed up, seeing your girlfriends and the pomp and circumstance. I just LOVE the all the traditions! And the She-nanigans! #BookendsToHelena #LoveMyFriends IMG_1636 (002) Talk to you all next week!

Holler at me Feb 7th, Nyx Parade, Float #10a, Top Deck, Sidewalk Side, Rider 7.




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