Find Your Tribe

Your tribe. Your support system. The ones you vent to, laugh with, cry to, drink with. If you have found these ladies (or guys) count your blessings. Your tribe may be large or small. But either way, once you’ve got them…hold them tight and cherish them.

Years ago, I had a ‘tribe member’ that I tried desperately to be a good friend to. However, in the end, she was not a good friend to me…and I had to cut ties. Friendship should never make you feel bad, or hurt, be a one way street, or leave you feeling unfulfilled. I had school friends that took dark paths in life…and those friends…well, I had to let them go. It is never easy. You miss the good times, but the bad times remind you that you did the right thing. I’m sure we can each think back to a time where we had to break up with a friend. We had to part ways. It may have been easy because maybe they were holding a HUGE “I AM CRAZY” sign. Maybe the two of you were on totally different paths in life…and you could not go down their path.  Maybe lifestyle, relocation or marriage happened and y’all just grew apart. Either way, they were not meant to be in your tribe.

The past few weeks I have realized that my ‘tribe’ and extended tribe is amazing and I am truly blessed and very lucky. I apologize for being a little MIA, but life gets in the way…real life.

I have said before, I am a sucker for my family, friends….and 4 legged fur babies. One of my besties, Kristie is a huge dog lover too. She rescues (I am new to the rescue thing, only have rescued cats, but have helped coordinated lost dogs in my neighborhood, but this adventure was new).  I saw a post on a FB group about lost pets in the area and this young family posted about this dog that kept showing up at their house, skinny, sweet, loves on them, good with their other dogs & kids, hungry, etc. A guy posted on her post that he wanted him. SOOOO, I facebook stalked the guy. HECK NO….that guy runs his dogs for hunting wild boars. I have seen what a wild boar can do to a dog. NO SIR. My momma bear kicked in and ‘operation rescue’ was in effect. One problem. This dog was a large dog. And it was a breed I had zero experience with. Pit bull. (I must be freaking crazy) I started messaging all of my rescue friends that re-home, help at shelters, foster dogs. Not many people want to foster a pit. #badrep   After a lot of hard work and determination, I had a re-home rescue set up and a sponsor (my bestie) for the pup! Now all we have to do is go get him…right?! Thank goodness my husband is out of town for all of this insanity.  Kristie comes to the house bright & early, we load up and head to Satan’s playground (AKA Wal-mart) to get dog food, leash, collar, treats, bones, water & food dish…we drive 20 min and park to wait for the little family to call that he is at their door for his morning meal. After waiting for 45 min…I start to get restless and we drive the next few minutes and see if we can spot him around where the family lives. I don’t think the other neighbors around the dirt roads liked us driving slow and looking around. I think one may have called the cops on us, as a parish cop showed up and parked shortly after. (I promise we aren’t trying to buy meth!)

So, back home we go to wait for the call. AND IT HAPPENS! We get the call! As we are running out of the door I also get a FaceTime from my son…I answer it to him holding up a bloody hand…”Mom I need to Urgent Care, can you pay for my visit, I cut my Finger”. Sure. Not..”hey mom, the bone is showing…HELP me”. So, I stop by urgent care and give them my card, tell them I will be back..on the way to rescue a dog. Then we head to rescue this Pit Bull. (Please sweet baby Jesus, don’t let this dog be triggered by car rides).

Thelma and Louise…another adventure. On our way to pick up Brad. Brad Pit. We named him on our way to get him. We pull up and out strolled the prettiest brown dog with green eyes. Tail wagging like he won the lotto. The little family is so happy that he was going to be helped, my heart is pounding; not just for Brad but for my son who is at Urgent care! (perfect timing) We open the back door of Kristie’s SUV, and in jumps Brad like he owns the place. I give he a McDonald’s biscuit…yes, I know not good for dogs, but It was the first meeting and I didn’t know how he would be acting. So, chill. It’s not the end of the world. Biscuit ate…he lays down and falls asleep like a baby. THANK YOU BABY JESUS. We get to the Vet, drop off Brad for his shots. I head to Urgent Care…and guess what. My son needs surgery. So off to the ER we go for pre-Op…yes, like FULL go under surgery to clean and reconstruct his finger. As we are in the ER, I am getting texts from my Tribe checking in on us.

Out of surgery (all went well) , pick up dog from Vet….and the fun continues. Brad does not like it outside by himself and I find out he knows how open to latch handle doors. (my small dog does not like Brad) But Brad does like car rides and walks. Long story short. After a few days, I found him a FOREVER home! He has a new family that spoils him rotten, he has a sister his same age and loves snuggles….and is a toy and pillow hog.


Yes, That is Brad laying ON a pillow in bed. #spoiled

He is a big baby. To think someone could have had this sweet boy running wild boar. How would not have survived one hunt. My heart is so happy and I could NOT have done this without help from my TRIBE.

Fast forward to Moe Champs photoshoot….talk about some good looking Tribe members! I am so thankful for these ladies. Each of them have hearts of gold! They are as amazing on the inside as they are on the outside. Tiff and Chelsea are a younger, MUCH taller version of Kristie and I. It’s funny to see and watch their dynamic. Tiff is the bossy/OCD one (that’s me) and Chels is the more laid back one (that’s Kristie). Ying and Yang. I think this photo was when Chels & Kristie were discussing just that!


This day reminded me that sometimes your tribe may roll their eyes at you…but at the end of the day, your tribe has your back. #RealHousewivesOfRose’Mar08MoeChamps-0049.jpg

mar08moechamps-0373.jpgFind your tribe. Hold them tight. There will be ups and downs and times when you will roll your eyes at them. That is OK. That is REAL… but real queens share crowns and fix each other’s crowns. #ThatIsAFact

I hope your past few days/week has been less of a hot mess express/ER visit/surgery/dog rescue than mine has. If it has been crazy too…well, bless your heart and pour yourself a glass of champs! You deserve it. #timeChangeIsntHelping

May your week be calm and full of Champagne,


2 thoughts on “Find Your Tribe

  1. Theresa Bradford says:

    Spot on about the “tribe”! and I would have totally been a part of the rescue adventure. I know that Kristie is a good influence for rescuing. She is pretty fabulous!


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