Curve Ball

So, I had my blog all ready to go for Monday. I really do have them planned out weeks & weeks in advance #OCD. And then my Dad shows up with a book from my Mom. I’m really not a big reader, more of a Podcast while I drive kind of person, multi-tasker!  But as I sat down for my final proof on the previous blog, I looked over and picked up the book my Dad dropped off….. “Perfectly YourselfDiscovering Gods Dream For You” by Matthew Kelly. Really? My son’s name and my name? Ok…I’ll play. So, I cracked the book and WOW. img_4119.jpgLet’s just say this was a CURVE BALL I was not expecting! And for those of you that think I just whip out an entire blog in an hour or so…not the case. But, I was ON a MISSION! ….Mission. Mission. What is your mission? As I was scanning the chapters, Finding a Mission. WHAT IS YOUR MISSION? Good Question.


People run at full speed; chasing after dreams of money and ‘success’. And forget or loose themselves while they are running.  Or end up being unhappy or faking it in the process.  Having too many responsibilities, too much to lose, and too many things to protect. What are we chasing after? Why are we chasing it? What is my purpose? Why was I put here? What do YOU want your eulogy to consist of? Titles, letters at the end of your name? Or people who you have helped…lives that you have touched. What would your lifetime achievements be? What would matter the most at the end of your life? Is it what you are doing right NOW? What is your MISSION?   #deepthoughts #AreYouHereForYouOrForOthers

The very first thing we ALL need to realize in life is to just be ourselves. Be the very best version that we can be…but some days that is in our PJ’s, with no make-up or having a melt down, and that is OK.


We don’t wake up one day and say “The JOB is DONE, I am the BEST version of myself!” Really? No, boo. And I want some of whatever you are drinking.  And practice does not make perfect. Practice makes progress! In everything. Life, piano lessons, friendship, work, in being a person, in EVERYTHING. #KeepMakingProgress #BeABetterVersionOfYourYesterdaySelf #BeYourself #EvenIfYouAreAHotMess #ThatIsOkToo

Does your desire to serve and please others make you happy? Serving the needs of others is one way to find ourselves but we can also lose ourselves. Matthew Kelly writes, “It should be driven by the needs of others, not by our own motives.”

IMG_4118 He asks the question ARE YOU HAPPY at seminars and also writes, “for most people the answer is Yes and No or Yes, but I could be happier.”…”Happiness is not achieved by the pursuit of happiness but rather by living right. Just do the next thing right. In every situation, at every juncture, at all crossroads, simply do the next right thing.” Will we make wrong decisions? Of course! We are mortals!  But, if we would all just live like our grandma is watching us, the world would be a little better.

I can not wait to sit down this evening and dig into this book!

I can worry myself into a sick stomach!


And it does NO good to worry. I know this, but it doesn’t change the fact that I still worry. There are going to be problems in everyone’s life. Some large, some small. Fact. Several years ago, someone shared an analogy with me about dealing with stress/issues. Everyone has a proverbial ‘tea cup’ that they are able to put their stress/issues/worries/daily tasks into. Some people have an espresso sized cup…some people have a 5 gallon sized bucket tea-cup. Either way, when that ‘cup’ gets full, it’s full. They have reached their limit! Some people just have the ability to handle more. My cup area for worrying about my kiddos is very small…that part fills up quick. My area for dealing with work, volunteer tasks is about 3 gallons.  The area when I have a brother that is deployed, about 2 teaspoons.

I love what Matthew Kelly mentions about ‘managing the present & creating the future” and can’t wait to dig in more. Our lives are moving at such a fast pace these days that we make decisions so quick, we don’t take time to stop, reflect, smell the roses…or rose’ (that part was me!).  We, as a society are more likely to react than to reflect. We think “what should I do?” …but we should be thinking more “should I do anything?” Sometimes the best thing to do is nothing. No drama on fb, you don’t have to respond to everything, you don’t have to text or share every bit of gossip you think you may know…sometimes it is better to leave a situation alone. Balance. Allowing action and inaction to coexist.

“It is this calmness and clarity that will allow us to realize what we are called to and what matters most”- Matthew Kelly

Ohhhhh, I can not WAIT to read this entire book! Like I said, I am NOT a big reader, but this is going to be great!

Have a wonderful week and enjoy the kiddos being back in school!



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