Why We ALL Need a Girls Trip

Your tribe, your girls, your posse’, your squad. Whatever you call them, there is nothing better than girl time! Don’t get me wrong, we love our family, husband, kids, etc., etc., etc. But, girl time is food for the soul. An absolute necessity for our sanity. It is scientifically proven that a crucial re-boot process happens when we are allowed to let our hair down and be silly around our girlfriends. Internal Windows updates happen when we hear that cork open! Throw in a little sun & sand…and boom! It’s like you are an entire new person!

So, why exactly are Girl Trips the best? Wait…back it up. For those that are reading this…going on a Girls Trip does NOT make you a bad wife/mom/girlfriend. Okay? Okay. You can NOT take care of anyone else if you aren’t taking care of yourself. So, take care of you, boo. Take time to recharge. And please, no emails about “I don’t go anywhere unless it’s with my entire family because I love them so much and can’t stand being away from them for one single second. We are an organic, bonded unit.’ (insert eye roll) Ok, good for you. Sometimes mine makes me crazy and they drive me to drink. But, we are an organic too, and I like organic things, like grapes…the fermented kind. #PassTheChampagne #ChampagnePorFavor #FindYourZen

Back to why Girls Trips are the best! There is NO pressure. When you go away with the entire family, you are STILL WORKING! You are cleaning up after kids, chasing them on the beach, laundry, etc. (I thought this was a vacation?) When you go away with your closest friends, they are in tune with you and how you work, allowing you the most stress free get away. You can go without make-up, bum around, no cares if you have brushed your hair, no one is asking you to wipe them after going to the potty. If someone is asking for help in the potty on a girls trip…that means its been a FUN night! LOL #thankgoodnessforUber #holdmyhair #TMI

Another reason Girls Trips are the best, and we ALL do it;  It doesn’t matter what age you are, if you’re single or taken, married or not, girls talk to girls about boys. Could be the Ex that screwed them over, could be about the guy at three o’clock, or it could actually be something nice that happened to her. But regardless, girls talk about boys. To vent or gripe, to ask for advice, to get comforted…you and your girls have the best and most candid ‘talks’ about boys. #youknowyoudoit #IfYouPutA’BlessHisHeart’AtTheEndItsOk #guysDoItAllTheTime

Another reason to Girl Trip is to reconnect. A lot of the time if you are in a relationship, friendships can suffer. We don’t always intend for that to happen but when you live a busy life and try to balance a lot of items, work, kids, relationships, etc.,…things can get complicated. Leaving all the boys & busy stuff at home will allow you to reconnect and remember what the friendship was like before life got crazy.

Freedom Ladies, Freedom! This is a big one. Friends are understanding. They just get it. And on top of that there are never going to hold you back. There is a certain sense of freedom that comes with girl trips that make them that much better. If you need to sleep for 18 hours because your kids wake you up at 5am every day, then do it! Walk around the condo in just your shoes. Do it. Be free. Mimosas & pizza for breakfast, do it. Brunch 3 times a day, do it! Do what you want. Your girlfriends won’t hold you back, but they will HAVE your back. Another great thing about getting away with friends is that there is a sense of comfort and honesty. Be yourself, others will too. Be free and ENJOY! #mimosasAt6am-heckyeah #befree #VacationPorFavor


Girl talk! Girl talks are the best. And much cheaper than therapy. Hate your job because your boss is an awful little prick? Decided to get Botox? Haven’t had sex in a month with your boyfriend? Still having issues with that mean girl at 37 yrs old? Your 12 yr old acting like a little sh&t? We got you, boo. Talk it out. Chances are, one of your girlfriends is or has gone through the same thing. #WhineTime

Now, Some people say, ‘married couples should ONLY vacation together’ In some instances, I totally agree. There are some (mostly men) that can’t keep their stuff in their pants. We all know that type and probably know a few in real life. #soClassy! Other than those with the wandering pee pee, there is really no other reason why they should always vaca together. No reason why they shouldn’t, either. If we didn’t do this now and then, each of us would miss out on some things only one of us wants to do. Also it can be good for your perspective on your relationship. But if you don’t want to spend some time together, why are you married? I think it’s great to do both. #absenceMakesTheHeartGrowFonder #KeepYourPantsUp

It can be a week, a weekend or even a night with just the girlfriends; girl time is essential! Man can not live by bread alone and women can not live without her girl time! Make it a road trip. Pack a bag and a case of wine. Need some suggestions? Here are the 20 Best Girlfriend Friendly Getaways you can take…and you don’t even need a Passport.

Once you find your tribe, have fun with them! Embrace your Girl/woman power, take a Girls Trip, leave the drama behind and make some new memories. It doesn’t have to be 2 weeks, first class in Paris…but, take some time and bond with your girls! It’s always a good idea. #ToesInTheSand #OrBootsInTheSnow



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