Quick Girls Weekend in New Orleans

I always have fun in NOLA…how could you not? Shopping, world-class cuisine…and NEVER a dull moment for people watching! New Orleans is a city unlike no other…no other.

A few weeks ago, the bestie and I headed down for a show at the Sanger Theater and OF COURSE we had to go a day early and enjoy the city! You can eat at a different restaurant and stay at a new hotel every trip. Here are some of my tips and suggestions from my most recent…which we had a blast BTW.

We stayed at the Ritz-Carlton on Canal St. I like staying close to the action, but not on top of the action. Momma likes her sleep and sometimes Bourbon St is way to loud. We LOVED the rooms and the room service!Photo Jul 01, 3 02 43 PM (1)Of course… Mimosas after breakfast, to get the day started right! (in a to-go cup)

Photo Jul 01, 2 52 21 PM

No trip would be complete without a stop by the Hotel Monteleone’s Carousel Bar! This is my FAVORITE drink in NOLA, the .007! Made with champagne, of course…and it packs a punch! Photo Jun 30, 3 05 30 PM

One of my other favorite things to do is Pedi-Cab rides. If we have to go shorter distances, we will jump in a Pedi-cab! So much better than walking, in the heat…what can I say, Its Louisiana. It’s hot and I can be lazy! So why not have a shaded chariot?

Photo Jun 30, 12 13 36 PM

A quick little tour of the ‘good’ suite at the Saint Hotel…LOVED it and will be staying here soon for sure!

This FUN chair is next to the bar at the Saint Hotel…great photo op! 🙂

Photo Jun 30, 7 00 33 PM
Now, I LOVE to people watch. New Orleans is the capital of people watching, never a dull moment. Yes, that is a bulldog being pulled in a wagon. (and yes, he is standing up like a boss!)
Photo Jun 30, 1 35 58 PM

We also LOVE photo ops around the city. You can’t even tell it was 107 heat index….not kidding. It is hotter than he(( right now in the south.

Photo Jun 30, 2 28 04 PM

So, the main reason for the trip was to see a show at the Sanger Theater, Theresa Caputo LIVE, she’s the Long Island Medium from the TLC Channel. Her show was amazing! This chick is the bomb.com. She is known for her big hair…so we decided to ‘wig’ out in her honor! Of course we made friends with our seat neighbors and LOVE the bestie as a blonde! Shout out to Fifi Mahony’s for the amazing wigs and service! Fitting, a trim if you need it. SUPER GREAT!

I don’t have any photos of us on the way home…trust me, it wasn’t pretty. But it sure was fun. We all could use a little weekend get-away for some GIRL TIME!

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer!




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