Beach Hacks for Mom

Hopefully your summer includes a nice relaxing trip to the beach with your family. Wait, relaxing? Whatever. How about we wish you minimal meltdowns from the kiddos! That is more realistic. It never fails…we get to the beach and think “I really need this, I should have brought that.” Well, this blog post is going to HELP! If you have a trip planned, and you have kiddos….this BLOG is for you!

This first hack can been spied all over Pinterest. Do you love the beach but hate tracking sand back to your car, hotel or beach house? Just rub baby powder on skin and the sand will immediately fall off. AND it will keep the kiddos from freaking out because they have sand stuck to them!


Little kids just love playing and splashing in the water, but you may not want to spend the entire day baby-wrangling at the water’s edge. An inflatable kiddie pool is easy to pack, a breeze to set up, and a safe place to play next to your beach spot. Plus it keeps them in the shade.


Or make your own kiddie pool by digging a hole and lining it with a cheap shower curtain liner. You can get them for a buck at the Dollar Store, so you don’t even have to bring the liner back; just toss it in a trash can before you leave!


Freeze aloe vera for instant sunburn relief. Even when you slather on the SPF, sunburn can happen. A soothing tip: Fill an ice-cube tray with aloe vera and you’ll have instant sunburn relief back at your beach house. I also recommend KOOL DOWN. It can be bought in any gift/beach store ALL over Florida, their direct web site and on Amazon. This stuff is a VACATION SAVER! But, make sure not to get to close to eyes, mouth. And wash your hands after you apply…the lidocaine works like a charm, but will linger if not washed off.


Always bring bubbles. 


Kids of all ages love blowing bubbles and a breezy beach is the perfect place to do it. For bigger bubbles, your dollar store is likely to stock larger bottles with longer wands. This is good for a few reasons…entertainment & can be washed off easy, incase of messes.

And if you are certain you will hear “I’m Bored”….(I mean really kids? We spent $$$ getting you precious little bundles of joy to the beach…and you are bored???! Of course you are.) Bring a sleeve of tennis balls, dig some holes and ‘tennis bowl’. I suggest putting names on the balls with a sharpie. Because you know you will hear “That one is mine!” #thejoysofparenthood #IWantHis


Chill your cooler with frozen water bottles instead of ice packs. As the day goes on, the ice will thaw and you’ll have another round of refreshing drinks. And, if you have food goodies stored in there as well, it will keep them from getting soaked.

Give your kid a tattoo. Getting lost on a crowded beach is terrifying for kids and their parents. To be safe rather than sorry, write your cell phone number on a waterproof SafetyTat child ID tattoo, then apply to your child’s skin. (We know parents that have written on their kids with a Sharpie. (That will work, but this is better.) ALSO, these are good to have for Halloween, going to Disney, etc.


Call your credit or debit card company before traveling so that you’re authorized for vacation purchases. There is NOTHING worse than a fraud alert that freezes your card….and it’s you!

If you forget the wall plug-in for your phone charger, check the back of your barch house/hotel TV. There’s usually a USB port.

Getting to your destination can be a chore in itself. If driving,  your vehicle could very possibly look like a dumpster after a few hours of caged animals…I mean kids. Get a shower caddy from the dollar store and use it for easy eating. This is good to take on the beach as well….nothing like a sand covered sandwich. Which will surely lead to a meltdown. #preventmeltdowns

Ienhanced-buzz-24117-1403643189-34f you’re heading to a theme park or the beach, put your phone in a plastic bag to prevent it from getting wet. A ruined phone is bad enough. A ruined phone on vacation in a different city/state/country is even worse.





MOMS…this tip is crucial. There is nothing worse than not being “hydrated”….adult style. Bring along spiked lemonade pouches for the adults or alcohol-free versions for the kids.


A mesh laundry bag is the perfect container for all your kids’ beach toys! It sifts the sand, leaving it at the beach instead of trailing it into your car, hotel, condo…etc. 3b5ca93a4a195fc2146872b3a303cb43

Jellyfish, the bumble bees of the deep. For minor jellyfish stings, 1st rinse with sea water, 2nd scrape off stingers with a mixture of sand and small shells or a credit card, 3rd treat with vinegar to relive pain. For major stings, seek medical attention immediately & always know where the closest Lifeguard is located.jellyfish-sting-first-aid

FAMILY PHOTOS! Don’t come to the beach without taking photos! This is a clever way to capture a trip…and not the same ole’ “let’s sit in the sand with our matching outfits” photo.

Snacks…oh snacks. Want refreshing AND healthy? Pre package fruit in zip-lock bags…you can even put them in the freezer for about an hour or so before heading to the beach, so they are nice and COLD and stay crisp in the ice chest. Dry snacks; put them in old creamer containers. The lids are just big enough for goldfish, etc.

Ever tried dragging an icechest 250 yards in the sand? It will drain you! Here are two options. 1-big tire beach buggy and 2-Put your ice chest on a snow sled. If you are from the south and don’t have a sled lying around, you can always load it in the soccer mom, collapsible wagon.

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Do your sweet kiddos like playing with keys? This hack is a sure-fire way to keep them OFF the bottom of the ocean. Small screw hooks will do the trick. Now…start collecting corks! #drinkup 395a66209a83718e8db6af03ddcbe465

I hope these tips will help you have a more relaxing and enjoyable trip to the beach! If all else fails, drink more.








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