Take a Break

There is no time like the summer time. Sweet, sweet summer time. But, about two weeks into the summer time, we are WAY over it. The kids turn into little “I’m SOOOOO bored” monsters, addicted to Fortnite, and we realize how much we truly LOVE and appreciate the teachers that take them off our hands for 8 hours a day. And now, that they are back in school, it’s time to eat bon-bons and lay in a bubble bath all day, right? What the heck ever!!!!!! Who has time for that!??? (like, for real, if you know someone that has time for that, please introduce me to them so I can find out their secret)

Now, lets talk about you, Mom. There is a lot of debate about working in vs. out of the home. You know what? You do you. Here is a FACT….whether you work IN or OUT of the home and/or both, it is ALL work. Period. You contribute every day and in every way. (unless all you are doing is eating bon-bons) First, don’t worry if you feel overwhelmed. We all feel that way. Anyone that says or portrays differently is lying. #faker  In years past, I  have worked outside of the home and felt totally disconnected and stressed. I have ran businesses from inside the home and felt more connected to my people and have been able to volunteer more in the community and felt more fulfilled. This may not be for everyone…but it has been what worked best for me.  One of the great things about being stay (or) work from home mom is that you have more control over your time. The key is to stay organized. You can make a list of your tasks for the day or create a realistic schedule that you can stick to. When you have a routine, you won’t feel like you’re forgetting anything.

Here are a couple more tips to help you master the balancing act of being a stay or work-at-home mom…or a mom in general, or heck…just a woman! LOL

Set priorities.

You’re a wonderful person, but you do not have the power to be in 100 places at the same time. Don’t spread yourself too thin. Understand that you cannot accomplish everything in one day. Instead of trying to finish all your tasks at one time, spread them out. Make a list of important tasks and urgent ones, categorizing them with top TO DO’s first, will help you make sure you don’t miss anything. And, FYI, you don’t have to answer your text and emails 5 seconds after receiving them; #donttextanddrive #itcanwait #takeabreath #simmadownnow

Work when you are most productive.

You can find your most productive work times and patterns just by paying closer attention to your daily habits, as well as your energy and focus levels. Be mindful of when you’re feeling most alert and attentive—choose that time to do some work. I get the most done after everyone leaves the house in the AM and after everyone goes to bed. Once they get back from school…forget about it; it is a MAD HOUSE.

Your working hours could also depend on your child’s feeding schedule, nap time, t-ball, football, carpool, dance practice, etc. Find that time of day when you are free from distractions.

Need a boost of energy to get you through your tasks? Make it a habit to eat breakfast with a combination of protein and fiber. Try doing moderate cardio exercises, too, like brisk walking. (this is funny for me, because I am LAZY af…I know, I need to change this)

Create boundaries.

Once you’ve established the best time for you to work, create realistic boundaries around it. Turn off phone notifications when it’s not time for you to work so you can focus on other things like cleaning the house, playing with your kids, or preparing the family meal.

Try not to multitask.

Doing several things at the same time sounds like a great idea, but it will leave you feeling drained. Line up your tasks one after the other instead of doing two to three things at the same time so you can be more productive.


Do you have a specific tasks that are time consuming? Taxes, Social media, email marketing, payroll? Outsource these! They are very time consuming and worth the time in GOLD to outsource. Find a good, local firm that can help you with each. Soooo worth it.

Take a break!

Don’t feel guilty about taking a breather—your mind actually needs it. Take 30-minute breaks every time you work for four hours. It will help you regain focus and perspective so you feel refreshed and ready to take on your tasks again. Did you know that taking microbreaks can actually increase your productivity by 30%? The hubby and I have “Digital Detox” time. We litteraly have a Tupperware in the kitchen with ‘digital detox’ written on it in a sharpie. We put out phones on silent and drop our phones in it for a few hours. It is SO refreshing!

I am heeding my own advice about ‘taking a break’. Next week, I am headed down to NOLA for my Krewe of NYX General Membership Meeting. I’m headed down a day early to enjoy the Big Easy, and an AMAZING boutique hotel…and to decompress. I has been a crazy past few months; so damnit, I need a little KP time. I am SUPER excited about staying at the Soniat House.  May be more excited about mimosas in this amazing courtyard….heaven!!!!!! I will be posting LOTS of pics and blogs about this beautiful hotel and it’s amenities.


I can’t wait to people watch from the balcony. I LOVE to people watch. It is my favorite and New Orleans is the BEST place for people watching. Like, the best!


As a busy mom, you know how difficult it can be to find time for yourself. You have a lot of responsibility to make sure everyone is taken care of and at the end of the day, you may find that there’s little, or no,  time for you. This can leave you feeling burned out, exhausted, and craving moments to do things that YOU love to do. Don’t feel guilty for taking time for yourself. It’s important to schedule time for you on a regular basis so that you can feel refreshed and energized. Even as a busy woman…the pressure is on. So take time for you, boo! Remember, you can’t take care of anyone else if your tank is empty. So fill that tank! Take that break!

Much Love,


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