Behind the Green Door

What is behind the green door? It’s not your ordinary New Orleans hotel. This place is FAR from it. When I arrived, I knew it would be special. But, I had no idea just how much I would fall in love with this magical place. Their web sites boasts “Soniat House as a one of a kind experience.  It does not get any more authentic nor does it get any more comfortable.” I have to agree 100%.

So, what exactly IS behind the green door? Let me show you…but first…champagne.

Photo Sep 25, 3 54 40 PM

You enter into an amazing breezeway that leads to check in…which by the way, Ervin, Hillary and the entire staff…OMG, so nice! I got my first glimpse of Claire, the resident kitty cat, upon check in. She has free roam of the grounds…and it was a #goal to get a selfie with her. She is pretty elusive, as I didn’t see her for the three days I was here! She really does have free roam of the place. #sheistherealQueen

My bags were taken to my room, complete with Juliette balcony…

Photo Sep 25, 3 36 21 PM

overlooking the courtyard. This fountain was so very soothing! I could listen to it for hours! In fact, I opened the door and just listened for a long while. #lullaby

Photo Sep 25, 3 07 18 PM

There were so many places to sit, relax and sip champagne. #happygirl

Photo Sep 25, 3 51 00 PM

Around every corner there was a new door, staircase, garden, fountain to explore and enjoy! It was like Nola meets Narnia!

Photo Sep 25, 3 58 12 PMxx

Photo Sep 26, 4 25 14 PM

Photo Sep 25, 3 58 53 PMqq

The room itself was amazing and fit for a queen. When you are in a 4 post, canopy bed…it makes it a little easier to return emails. #YouJustFeelSmarter #ILoveAHotelRobe


And yes please, I take my breakfast on silver….. #PamperMe #TheOJwasAmazing


I continued exploring the grounds and common areas….it was a lush, luxurious labyrinth. ww

Photo Sep 26, 4 39 28 PM

Photo Sep 26, 4 34 14 PM

Photo Sep 26, 4 38 20 PM

But, through all of my exploring…still no Claire the cat. #onamission #SheMustBeREALLYgoodAtHideAndSeek

I think one of my favorite places and things to do is to sit and relax on the balcony and watch the world go by. New Orleans is great for people watching and I am a gold medalist in it.


Not all things happen good at night in Nola. Some great things happen at 7:30am, like coffee on the balcony….with the hubby.

Photo Sep 27, 8 06 24 AM

He even enjoyed a little morning coffee with me…you can see his knee in the photo below.  He is more of a ‘behind the camera’ kind of guy. #blesshisheart #HePutsUpWithme #coffee #itwas730am #IPromiseItsNotAMimosa

Photo Sep 27, 8 08 51 AM

When we were sitting on the balcony, I mentioned that the Soniat House is in the book 1,000 Places To See Before You Die and “Considered by many to be the most beautiful hotel in town, the genteel, thirty-three room Soniat House is quintessential New Orleans…”  And now we can both see why!

Here is another quote about the Soniat House….

Soniat House has been chosen as one of the top 20 hotels in the world by Fodor’s Travel Guide. 30,000 properties were considered. 20 were chosen because they were unique and offer a one of a kind experience with a style that sets them apart from others. Read the press release or entire list of choice hotels. 

And don’t even get me started on the antique shop.…LOVE! A handpicked collection of 18th- 20th Century French, English, Italian, Mid-Century Modern furniture, light fixtures, and décor. It is open to guests or by appointment.


I will take one of each please…..:-) #ThatMirror!


If you are looking for unique, close to the action but quiet, easy in and out, this hotel is the place. Just around the corner are restaurants, coffee shops, even nightlife.

Photo Sep 27, 8 20 35 AM

As I was checking out…and after several days of hard to get, guess who was waiting for me??!!! CLAIRE the CAT! It’s like she was waiting to tell me goodbye. I was much more excited to see her than she was to see me, as you can see from her lack of enthusiasm for the selfie.

Photo Sep 27, 9 50 26 AM

Although the Soniat House is a small 31 room boutique hotel, don’t let it fool you. They have a wine cellar containing handpicked, well priced bottles of French and American wines, a 24 hour front desk attendant and 24 hour concierge. My car was valeted in a secure parking lot just a 1/2 block away.  Safety deposit boxes in all rooms…and there is in-room massage available. Getting this next time. #ILoveaMassage

It was the perfect getaway. I highly encourage this for a romantic getaway, a baby-cation, a stay-cation, girls get-away. And regardless if it’s your first time to Nola or your 100th….this is the place to stay.

Tell them Champagne Spankz and Bacon sent you 🙂 And tag me in your selfie with Claire the Cat! #behindthegreendoor #clairethecat 




A special thank you to all of the staff. You are all amazing! I can’t wait to come back!






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