Eat, Drink & be Merry… in Cenla!

It’s that time of year again and the countdown to Christmas is on! We all shop for presents during the holidays….but, what about food?!

Despite significant evolution in the form of consumer dining preferences — including when, where and what they eat — and a growing reliance on technology among operators, overall industry sales continue to inch along showing moderate growth.  Nationally, sales at restaurants hit $825 billion in 2018 and expect 4 percent nominal growth or 1.4 percent increase for 2019. That’s a lot of burgers!

Louisiana boasts, and rightfully so, the best food in the world and Cenla is no exception. We have a great selection of locally owned restaurants and amazing chefs!  So, where are you going to eat when you are out & about checking things off your Christmas list? Here are my favorite places for food (and drinks)…enjoy!

1- The Main Dish & More 

The Main Dish is known for their amazing chicken salad, specialty salads & take home casseroles. However, one of my favorite things to get here is the GUMBO! At lunch or from the frozen section…it always hits the spot. #local #familyowned


2- Bellinos

This Italian/American restaurant is a favorite hangout with locals. Their steaks are amazing, drinks yummy and they have some of the sweetest staff around! One of my favorite dishes is the steak salad or seared tuna over greens. SO GOOD! And you don’t feel like you need to take a nap after. 😉


3- Carroll Cathey’s BBQ

New to Alexandria but not new to BBQ! This is authentic, Texas style BBQ, (formally known as Knuckle Suckers from Pollock) using only PRIME brisket! Which happens to be only the top 2% of the beef graded. So you KNOW you are getting the BEST! The brisket is amazing…but so is everything else. My favorite are the ribs. Cooked & seasoned perfectly. #locallyowned #openEveryDayButMonday


4- Brocatos

Most people know Brocatos for their breakfast…but have you tried their lunch? Plate lunch specials weekdays and ALL of their bread & buns are made fresh daily. You can even pre-order loaves to-go. Family owned and a staple in Cenla.


5- Spirits Food & Friends

With the addition of weekend brunch, came more goodies. My favorite brunch dish is the Shrimp & Grits. A little spicy, but you can ask them to hold off on the finish ‘dusting’. Top it off with a mimosa, and I am a happy girl.


Now…for the drinks!

1- Diamond Grill

Not only is this place beautiful, but the drinks are just as pretty…and yummy! Any cosmo or specialty martini will hit the spot. They also have a pretty good wine list.


2- Huckleberry Brewery

They brew onsite, which is supercool. My favorite brew is Riverboat Razz. (Yes, I drink beer)


3- Last, but certainly not least…East Side Daiquiris.

These guys took advantage of the new liquor sales law in Pineville…and MAN O MAN, they did it the right way! Not only is there a drive thru, but, the inside bar is 100% awesome with hand stained wood, under bar hooks for your purse, big screens and a FULLY stocked Bar. It’s not your typical daiquiri drive thru. And they just started serving appetizers at the bar…so you can really eat, drink and be merry!


These are my favorites in Cenla. I hope you take some time and visit them soon! Each are locally owned so when you spend your $ there…the $ stays in Cenla.

Merry Christmas!



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