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I TRY to publish a blog every Monday…unless it’s Mardi Gras or a major holiday. Then Blog will drop on Tuesday. Topics range from family, to health, mom tips, sometimes travel, fashion, things for REAL people… all from a REAL person, with a real perspective. (and some research from experts too)

Any suggestions for future blog topics, please email me at


(Most recent BLOGs at the bottom)

The Stepford Wife, The Stepford Life

Halloween…when you are over 30.

Oh, Stella…Where Art Thou Groove?

The Never ending Journey for the ‘perfect’ family Christmas Card…

It’s Christmas Break…Fa, La, La, La, Lord Help Us, The Kids Are Climbing the Walls!

The Re-realization, Over Holiday Break, That Our Kids are Sometimes A-holes.

My Favorite Champagne Cocktails, and some NOT so favorites to leave in 2017.

Treat Yo Self, Take Care of Yo Self

PART 2…. Take Care of Yo Self

#MomHacks #LifeHacks #BeRealBeYou

I’m A Gangster Wrapper

Mardi Gras Season Survival Guide


Monday Morning Quarterback

Find Your Tribe

Sticks & Stones

I Do NOT Plan On Aging Gracefully

All Rosé is NOT Created Equal…

Why we ALL need a Girls Trip

Take Time for You & Be a Better You

Limoncello…by Popular Demand.

Curve Ball (Perfectly Yourself)

Quick Girls Weekend in New Orleans

My RAW Week

Beach Hacks for Mom! #StaySane

From Zig to Zone

Take a Break

Take No More

My Wi-fi Code is ‘champagne’

Behind the Green Door

NO MORE MUGS, What Teachers Really Want & Don’t

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