Kellie,  This is so funny and so true.  Parenting  and old age are the most daunting phases of life!  Lol!


Hello, @champagnespankzandbacon; I just saw this and wanted to say hi. I really admire your work. Especially this one is a great example of your amazing content. great job.


___ thought A Unique Gift Guide for the Holidays, Under $100 was pretty awesome. Thank you for the help and ideas. I was dying! LOL


___ thought The Re-realization, Over Holiday Break, That Our Kids are Sometimes A-holes. was pretty awesome. SOOOOO true and hilarious!!! You are in my head.


___ just started following you at Congratulations! I LOVE your BLOG! One of the best ones I have seen and I follow several. Real and real funny. So much more than just make up tips and fashion. 


Hahaha …  I appreciate your awesome sense of humor!